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[VizBiz] How do you sniff out pro bono projects worth taking as a graphic recorder?

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“Exposure” is a dirty word in the gig economy. There are clients (some genuinely naive) who believe exposure to be current currency. And, there are aspiring graphic recorders who buy into the myth that “exposure” will create an endless stream of paid work possibly originating from said clients who requested that you work for free. Complicating matters, some clients will lead you on to create proposals and do the(ir) necessary research before springing their counter-proposal for pro bono, when you have become invested in their project already. But among the chaff, sometimes there is wheat — pro bono work that feeds and nourishes you.

How do you sniff out pro bono projects worth you taking on as a graphic recorder or facilitator?

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New resource! Visual hierarchy visualised from our Pictures People Play playdeck by Kailin Huang

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What kind of pictures do people play? What makes a big picture effective? What, in the way ideas are seen, would help make your big ideas seen? Enjoy this slideshare, that visualises the concept of visual hierarchy. Excerpted from the upcoming Pictures People Play visual facilitation playdeck developed by #picturepeopleplan founder, Kailin Huang. Read More

Fee, Free, or Flee? Three tips to contracting with a client

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This surely ranks as one of the top FAQs for new (and even some seasoned) visual practitioners. Should I work for a FEE (what would be right?), for FREE, or just FLEE from the job that’s offered to me? Here, we share three perspectives on what’s worked for us. Clients, this article is just as well for you if you’re wondering what you’re paying for, and what you are getting.

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[Ask us!] Can you keep a secret? Handling Confidentiality as a Graphic Facilitator or Graphic Recorder

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Recently, a new client of ours asked how we’d handle confidentiality and sensitive information captured during Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation. The solution to this FAQ? It doesn’t always have to involve “redrawing” charts or skipping this valuable process of drawing out and drawing together people and plans. [This article has been expanded for 2018.]

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