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Graphic Facilitation

Purpose-Driven Pictures

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This project reminded me of why we Picture People Plan.

Here our poster artwork travelled with Fei Yue Youth Go! to an international conference. Learn how Fei Yue is serving the community here.

It’s been a long break from social media and thinking about WHY I do this work.

Is it, like so many claim, to make ideas look good? To enhance recall?

As much as we may expound on the benefits of working visually, it’s only as persuasive as warning a sugar-happy child of the dangers of too much candy.

Without VISION, people perish. Catching the vision is literally a matter of life and death. And when we do and help others to, it is life-giving!


On Curiosity and Drawing: Reflections on Science Flair @ ArtScience Museum

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A visiting Art professor from the US said, “You Singaporeans don’t know how blessed you are to have the ArtScience Museum.” She visited recently and was blown away by the exhibits.

Maybe we’re kind of comfortable with what we have and where we are in, that it takes the child-like curiosity of foreign visitors to tell us that we’ve got it not just good, but great.

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“What I cannot create, I do not understand.”

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Recently I got to visit the new #AllPossiblePathsASM exhibition, which celebrates Richard Feynman’s Curious Life.

One thing Feynman was known for were his Feynman Diagrams. These are simple drawings made up of straight and wriggly lines that visualise complex particle physics.

Just a couple of lines. Really simple rules. It will probably take you a minute or two to learn to draw one, even if you do not know physics.

We often like to think of drawing out ideas on the fly as challenging, but really, it is only as difficult as understanding the conversation.

And once we have understood, we can help others make sense by making seen.

What we cannot draw out, we do not understand. Never mind the artistry, which is a topic for another day. 😉

Processing the process of drawing together — Asian Undergraduate Summit 2018

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Recently I was back at my alma mater to capture conversations on creating inclusive spaces. It was the Asian Undergraduate Summit 2018. Over one hundred undergraduates from nine different universities across Asia had come together to create inclusive spaces for conversation.

It got me thinking about how I was drawing together the conversations.

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