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What does drawing together mean to you?

“Can I draw something here?”

What would your response be when a participant walks up to your chart with an ask like that?

I remember a time when I were extremely protective of my charts and workspace.

One of my greatest fears used to be markers going missing and pastels out of place, as collaborators or participants helped themselves to my supplies. Or random extra markings over “my” work that I can neither complete nor account for…

Then over time, I changed. After all, wasn’t my work supposed to draw together people?

Yes, I still protect my supplies with the eyes of a hawk (as that is being responsible for my work).

But when it came to the end of a delicate and intimate discussion, and a participant wanted to leave her mark…

“Go ahead.” 🙂

(Never mind I had no clue about what she does and how she’d do.)

She made a child-like purple star and very patiently coloured it in with a grape-scented marker, and I continued extending from thence… which meant more stars I hadn’t expected.

What does drawing together mean to you?

p.s. View this chart in its entirety here:

[CHAT Work in Progress 2.1] Screwed-up Moments: Is Mental Health a Failure?

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