Ten years of experience and insight, condensed in bite-sized images for learning, review and recall

Goal & Vision

How might we curate deep insights for high impact learning in compact workshop-time?

The Plan

Teck Kwang had distilled his decade of experience  and insight into Active Learning, into a text document. He wanted to bring these insights to his workshop participants in a way that embodied these Active Learning Principles.

We took that and worked it into a collection of just over 30 digital images to draw out his point and make it easy to see. Every image was designed in Pareto Solutions’ brand colours with a distinct illustration style, to make it uniquely Pareto!

Our Success

The visuals were produced as A5-size review cards used in an exciting variety of reflection activities during the workshop – and every participant took home a personal set too.

Not only so, Teck Kwang also created a conducive space for Active Learning at his workshop, by putting up A1-sized poster prints of the visuals.

Insights, insights on the walls – as posters everyone can see and catch

Review cards to bring home the learning points!

We hear that the cards and posters have made their way around Asia as Teck Kwang goes forth and shares!

Kailin is extremely professional in her Graphic Recording work; she has the ability to translate ideas to concepts using simple yet powerful images. I shared with her what I was teaching in my training workshop, and she illustrated these ideas into wonderful images & posters that helped reinforce learning. Workshop participants absolutely loved the artwork and the messages! Kailin is collaborative in her approach and I absolutely enjoyed the interaction and co-creation process with her. If you have a need to bring across complex messages to your audience, I would recommend her anytime.

Loh Teck Kwang - Chief Catalyst, Pareto Solutions

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