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Process Notes: Serial graphic recording at CHAT Work In Progress 2.0 forums

By January 25, 2019Uncategorized

Four months, four diptychs later, it’s a wrap!

Relished the opportunity to work on this series of candid conversations with CHAT. CHAT (Community Health Assessment Team)’s mission is to empower young adults to take charge of their mental health.

Along the way, I’ve been inspired by the testimonies of those in recovery. Also had fun experimenting with mixed media and approaches to drawing together ideas.

With multi-session work, it always seems easier to just adopt a “template” approach for “consistency.”

However, I’ve also found that continuity and developing certain themes/ approaches OVER TIME are just as — if not more — valuable. It’s being in the moment, with coherence in each diptych, yet movement across.

For me, it’s also been very introspective and reflective. One being, it is never too late to start taking charge of yourself. As a parallel, I picked up fine art skills over these months, and saw shifts in how I worked visually.

Learn more about CHAT and find out how you can be empowered to take charge of your mental health here:

Or, pop by their inviting space at:

*Scape, 2 Orchard Link
#05-05 Singapore 237978
12 – 9pm, Tuesday – Saturday
(closed on public holidays)

[Screenshot from: @CHATfans]

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