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[Work In Progress] #Adulting with #letsCHATsg

By November 5, 2018Graphic Recording

“What’s with these unfinished portraits?”

What I got up to last week: Had a great time at CHAT’s conversations on #Adulting, and managing ourselves in transitions.

It’s been such a blessing to be able to hear candid experiences and draw out these ideas in visuals that inspire.

The final output comprises two 1.2m x 0.9m boards. To create what you see, I used a mix of acrylic, pastels, markers and print material.

I intentionally left the portraits half finished to illustrate the idea of “transitions,” and how we are all works in progress.

This being part 2 of a 4-session project, also gives opportunity to explore how we might push boundaries and chart progress. It was also an invite to consider how might we create coherence — both with the client’s brand and purpose, as well as over this series.

If you’re curious about the learnings, check out the detailed visual output at:

If you are a young adult in Singapore, don’t forget to watch out for CHAT’s next Work In Progress session!

Have a great season of growth, everyone!


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