It all began with a brilliant discovery . . .

Picture People Plan was founded by Huang Kailin, who, interestingly, possessed no special art training apart from the usual mandatory subject during primary and lower secondary school years.

Her brilliant discovery of visual facilitation took place in her former career in organisational development and process facilitation. It was in 2012 that she saw a lady (Wendy Wong of Welenia Studios) draw out beautiful visual notes “live” on flip charts. The words “graphic recording” rang a bell to her but she did not understand it fully till this moment: its potential to bring life to a meeting, and help everyone get a shared picture of what they have contributed during this dialogue.

Badgering her then-boss to send the team for graphic recording training, she picked up the skills swiftly, and ended up becoming the only one in her team to continue the skill through internal retreats and small projects.

Open doors, combined with a fresh level of faith compelled Kailin to step out of her full-time job and into a new adventure that comprised her great mission to bring people together with pictures and plans.

What Picture People Plan exists for (that others don’t).

Sorry, no house style.

Many graphic recorders possess a signature style that, once you are in the industry for a little while, will more or less be able to identify. Through the various successful projects, Kailin adopts a more spontaneous style of visual presentation, ebbing and flowing according to the style of each conversation and meeting. She believes that her utmost strength as a visual practitioner is being able to honour each conversation in its unique way as opposed to imposing her favourite style on them.

Graphic Recording

Visual Tooling

Visual Facilitation


The journey continues!

In 2018, Kailin wrote and published Asia’s first visual strategy playbook, Let’s Draw, Draw Out, and Draw Together!

She has also graphic recorded and visual facilitated for a variety of exciting high-signature events such as the inaugural Digital Government Exchange (DGX) 2016 and Singapore Airshow Aviation Leadership Summit (SAALS) 2016), to cozy learning experiences such as *SCAPE Same Same But Different Festival, focus group discussions, workshops, and dialogue sessions.