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Active Learning Strategies


Teck Kwang of Pareto Solutions had distilled his decade of experience and insight into Active Learning into a text document. He wanted to bring these insights to his workshop participants in a way that embodied these Active Learning Principles.

What we did

We took that and worked it into a collection of just over 30 digital images to draw out his point and make it easy to see. Every picture was designed in Pareto Solutions’ brand colours with a distinct illustration style, to make it uniquely Pareto!

How was the visual output used?

Teck Kwang produced these visuals on A5-size review cards used in an exciting variety of reflection activities during the workshop – and every participant took home a personal set too.

In addition, Teck Kwang also created a conducive space for Active Learning at his workshop, by putting up A1-sized poster prints of the visuals.

See an example of how Teck Kwang used these posters and cards at an Active Learning Strategies workshop.