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Appreciative Inquiry (Positive Performance Consulting)


A workshop for the SIM Organisation Development (OD) community, facilitated by Dr Jayan Warrier. Jayan shared about “Appreciative Inquiry” as a process tool for positive personal and organisational change.

What we did

We graphic recorded for the workshop. As we did not have a chance to view the venue prior, we decided to work on 3M Post-it Table Top Easel Pad, a compact setup that would provide the necessary support to work on, while also allowing us to easily stick the graphic recordings around available wall space.

Because the easel pad size is relatively small, we took a modular approach to the content. Each section was captured on a fresh sheet, in a format that could be reused as training posters.

How was the visual output used?

The graphic recordings were displayed on the wall during the workshop, as shown in the photo above.

Because the visual output was created on individual sheets, we took them down and packed them back into the easel pad pack, and handed them over to Jayan so he can reuse these as training posters at other workshops!

One of the posters we created illustrates the 4D‘s for yielding positive appreciation. ❤️
This was one of our early projects. Looking back, I have grown a lot in my image post-processing skills since then!