Book Review: Let’s Draw, Draw Out, and Draw Together!

We put our first Intern to test drive Asia’s first visual facilitation playbook. What will he draw out? [Disclaimer: Boss promises to have no influence on his review!]

Here’s Terence’s experience in his own words (and picture!)

Hi all! I am Terence, Picture People Plan’s first intern!

During my first week of internship, Kailin gave me her book on visual strategy “Let’s Draw, Draw Out, and Draw Together!” It is easy to read, very interesting and teaches many practical approaches. After reading (even as I was reading), I am itching to try so…

I am starting a series on this blog to share my experience as I learn from the book. Hopefully you will enjoy the series and take away something. Also, if you are interested in getting the book, it is available at major bookstores in Singapore!

Disclaimer: I am NOT from an arts background, NEVER learned drawing, have NO experience. Give chance ah.

The first thing I learned is: everyone can draw.

When I was a child, I liked drawing. But as I grow up, I kind of gave up drawing because I feel that my drawings are never “real enough”. Some of you may share the same thoughts as me. We think that we cannot draw is because we are not drawing as “correctly” as we had like. If we don’t care about how it looks and what others say, we can draw.

This is a drawing which I did with my eyes closed (not trying to show off, it’s one of the exercises in the book!). It turned out smaller than I thought it would. And I was thinking of this emoticon.

There is no correct way to draw. So draw it YOUR way!