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CHAT Work In Progress 2.0


CHAT, or “Community Health Assessment Team” has been helping and supporting young people with mental health concerns since 2009. They are a group fo healthcare professionals dedicated to promote:

  • Awareness of mental health;
  • Access to mental health resources; and to
  • Assess, by providing a confidential and personalised mental health check for young persons between 16 and 30 years old.

The CHAT Work In Progress 2.0 series featured four evening sessions held over four months in 2018-2019, to engage young persons in cosy conversations on mental health issues. At each session, they get to listen to lightning talks ⚡ by the invited sharers on their experiences in mental health, as well as have intimate chats with the panellists and fellow participants on these topics — over pizza! 🍕

What we did

We graphic recorded each of these sessions as a diptych made up of two 1.2m x 0.9m boards.

A mix of acrylic, pastels, markers and print material was used to create the graphic recordings.

Kailin working on CHAT Work In Progress session 2.4, where panellists discussed how we could create mental health friendly workplaces. You can catch a peek of the session 2.3 graphic recording in the background (left).
On a fiery start to the CHAT Work In Progress session 2.3!

Every invited panellist is a work-in-progress, either in their journey of advocating mental health issues, or of overcoming mental health challenges. So, our visual treatment of the speakers’ portraits sought to reflect the session theme metaphorically. For example, for session 2 on #Adulting (shown in the top-most photo), I intentionally left the portraits half-finished to illustrate the idea of “transitions” and how we are all works in progress.

While each session is unique, as a series it gives us also gives opportunity to explore how we might push boundaries and chart progress. It was also an invite to consider how might we create coherence at two levels. First, coherence with with the client’s brand and purpose. Second, coherence over the series of four graphic recordings.

How was the visual output used?

The graphic recordings were used as visual backdrops for group photos (always a good idea!) at the sessions and subsequently displayed at CHAT’s welcoming space. Last we heard, the client was considering converting the visuals for other mental health awareness and advocacy uses.

Check out our reflections on drawing together at the CHAT Work In Progress 2.1 session here.