Digital Book Launch! Let’s Draw, Draw Out, and Draw Together!

After months of squirrelling ideas away, my first and latest #visualstrategy book “Let’s Draw, Draw Out, and Draw Together!” is finally BIRTHED! 

I’ve included 162 pages of illustrations, insights, and exercises I’ve personally found helpful. While some of these may require unpacking in person (e.g. at our upcoming 1-2 March beginner’s workshop & 8-9 March #vizbiz workshop), I hope they will be a blessing to you.

**Get your digital copy here:

We’ll celebrate with a happy dance your support. And please, feel free to SHARE with people whom you think will be enriched by this book!

If you do get a copy for yourself, I’d love to hear your experience and feedback below, which we will work into the next (PRINT) edition. Till then!

UPDATE on 7 March 2018: The first-print of our #visualfacilitation playbook has arrived! Really excited about sharing this with you as my passion, if you’re joining us at our visual facilitation open space this Fri, 9 March 2018! RSVP here: