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Facilitators, here’s why you should makeover your flipcharts

That’s why we’ve subjected frail neglected flipcharts to extreme makeovers in the name of #facilitation. Many of these flipcharts crumpled over in unspeakable joy over sniffles of Mr Sketch markers (#truestory).

How do attractive flipcharts support the success of your training and facilitation?

There is a connection between emotion and learning, and feeling good about something makes you learn and remember better.  In fact, our motivation, emotion, learning and memory are all nestled in this same part of our brains – the limbic system, which interprets sensory information.

That’s why visual stimulation plays such a huge role in exciting purpose and enhancing thinking, learning and memory. And that’s why graphic recording and graphic facilitation works so well with large groups.

(For a more in-depth look at this phenomenon, check out this article)

If you’re curious about how you can create more learner and learning-friendly flipchart visuals that draw together ideas, people and plans, check out our workshop next happening on 23 & 24 Mar 2017. Learn more: