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INELI INDIA – Convening II of Cohort II


The International Network of Emerging Library Innovators (INELI) is the global library leadership capacity building programme supported by the Global Libraries Initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The overall goal is to build library workers as Innovators and Leaders to position libraries as critical community assets to drive community development through knowledge and information services. INELI India is one of the seven regional INELIs that have been initiated in August 2015 exclusively for Indian public librarians.

Cohort II of selected INELI India public library leaders convened in Singapore, where they were also hosted for study tours of our public libraries and sharing by our public librarians. This visual was produced on the final day of the convening.

What we did

We listened in on the programme, and identified visual metaphors that were apt for key takeaways and aspirations. These points were then integrated into a visual story. Seeing how the INELI logo is colourful and vibrant, we matched the mood visually in our output.

Close-up of the INELI logo which we copied and inked by hand. I really like the colours and quirks here. This of course went on the original graphic recording canvas.

How was the visual output used?

Circulated with the INELI India network, the visual was also digitised and used in their award certificate design. The client also laminated the original to be displayed at future events.

The client produced a laminated copy of the graphic recording which they ported to their next convening!
[Photo credit: Preetha Subramanian/ INELI India and South Asia]
We love how the graphic recording was beautifully incorporated into their certificate design.
These certificates are going to trailblazers in the public library space in South Asia!
[Photo credit: Preetha Subramanian/ INELI India and South Asia]