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MOE Services Wing Advance Planning Day 2016


The Ministry of Education (MOE) Services Wing Advance Planning Day (SWAPD) 2016 saw all MOE Services Wing staff come together under one roof for to review, reflect, bond, and of course plan!

What we did

Picture People Plan was commissioned to produce a 8m x 2m visual that would visually synthesise the past-year achievements and future aspirations of every branch represented in the Services Wing.

Unlike typical graphic design projects where clients would provide the text and content “as is,” we were entrusted with the source documents featuring raw input from each branch. From there, we sought to identify a unifying visual metaphor to tie these threads together.

Given the size of the visual, we worked digitally on Adobe Illustrator to produce the visual as vector that the client could scale as they desired for the intended uses.

How was the visual output used?

On the event day, the client used the visual in the following ways, in addition to featuring the visual in presentation slides. Print production and display construction were handled by the appointed event management services supplier.

As a 8m x 2m visual display wall

Participants walking past the 8m x 2m visual wall during tea break.
Here’s the 8m x 2m visual display wall in full view.

As a pull-out in the notebook given away as collateral

A close up of the notebook pull-out
Here you can see the notebook pull-out fully extended!

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