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Purpose-Driven Pictures: Fei Yue Youth Go!


Fei Yue Youth Go! commissioned us to produce a series of hand-illustrated posters for their participation at an international conference. Fei Yue Youth Go! “is a youth street outreach programme that supports at-risk youths so that they will be meaningfully engaged in their studies or work, stay crime-free, and be able to solve problems and be resilient individuals.”

At the conference, they were presenting learnings from their success in reaching out to at-risk youths in Singapore, in the form of academic posters — but we broke out of the usual mold of the poster exhibitions with our approach!

What we did

Based on the content brief provided, we created a series of five posters. As the client had come up with a memorable acronym for each of these five frameworks and approaches, we created visual metaphors around each acronym, and added illustrations for every part and step in the acronym. Of course, in a vibrant splash of Fei Yue Youth Go! colours!

How was the visual output used?

Our client reproduced the posters artwork (which we provided in fully-scalable vector format) as A0-posters that they rolled up and travelled with to the conference held in Hong Kong.

Reflections on the Process

This project reminded me of why we Picture People Plan. I had just take a long break from social media and was reflecting on WHY I do this work.

Is it, like so many claim, to make ideas look good? To enhance recall?

As much as we may expound on the benefits of working visually, such “benefits-speech” is only as persuasive as warning a sugar-happy child of the dangers of too much candy.

I see what we are doing as catching the VISION that people have, and then visualising their vision. That way, whoever who sees and understands the vision can also take that vision and run with it.

Without VISION, people perish. Catching the vision is literally a matter of life and death. And when we catch the vision and help others to catch it too, it is life-giving!