Success Stories

CHAT Work In Progress 2.0

About CHAT, or “Community Health Assessment Team” has been helping and supporting young people with mental health concerns since 2009. They are a group fo healthcare professionals dedicated to promote: Awareness of mental health;Access to mental health resources; and toAssess, by providing a confidential and…

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Arts Education Conference 2018

About The Arts Education Conference 2018 was organised by the Singapore Teachers Academy for the aRts (STAR). What we did There, we were tasked to graphic record all plenary or keynote sessions, as well as selected concurrent sessions. This photo shows two of the ten…

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Active Learning Strategies

About Teck Kwang of Pareto Solutions had distilled his decade of experience and insight into Active Learning into a text document. He wanted to bring these insights to his workshop participants in a way that embodied these Active Learning Principles. What we did We took…

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