Two Facilitation Workshops Coming Your Way!

This coming year, re(dis)cover the visual thinking you were born with, even if you think you can’t draw. Or, visualise the facilitation biz you want, then get it going! Whichever your goal, we have just the workshop for you!

Our 5th Visual Facilitation Public Workshop for Absolute Beginners!

Thinking with/out Visuals: A Visual Facilitation Workshop (1-2 March 2018)

This is our new and upgraded public workshop that will build your foundation in visual facilitation. Previously known as #andidrewabird, and “So You Think You Can’t Draw: A Workshop to Prove You CAN Facilitate Visually” (yes, that’s our last workshop which sold out 7 months in advance and wasn’t advertised eventually!)

Why did we change the name of the workshop? Well, we’ve always believed that visual facilitation is not about the drawing. In our years of work, we have seen visual facilitators (and graphic recorders) whose drawing skills are either near-non-existent or breathtaking beautiful to behold. Yet many of them are NOT actually facilitating visually when they claim to be.

The dealbreaker – is the thinking (and not just “saying”) seen, and made sense of?

That’s why in this two-day workshop, you will discover and develop your personal system for thinking and working visually with real people in/on authentic scenarios. Through experiencing first-hand what visual facilitation is, and through plenty of hands-on challenges, you will

  1. Discover ways of connecting groups with and through the big picture
  2. Develop ways of getting the group to see and think the big picture

So, what has evolved from previous runs of the workshop? What will you be missing if you don’t attend?

  1. You’ve got wisdom. We tap it: Okay you may think you can’t draw. Some may actually draw really well. You may have facilitation experience, or none. Whichever the case, you’re not starting from blank. We’ll work with and through your prior experience, strengths and preferences. Plus, we’re always delighted to respond to the emergent needs and preferences of the group. (READ: This workshop has a structure, but we can and will adapt to what you really need.)
  2. Know WHY, not just know-how: We’ve spoken to people who tell us they’ve attended graphic recording workshops, enjoyed it (and possibly gave a 5-star review), but don’t practice the skill at all after the initial post-workshop high. You see, most workshops for beginners would present a step-by-step process; teach you the n types of visual elements; help you list out and practice with lots of visual icons, metaphors, and templates. But they don’t get you to the WHY, you don’t make your own discoveries, nor develop your own style. So, in this workshop, while we will cover the basics, you will be facilitated in doing a lot of processing about why something works, what works for you, and how you can work in your unique context.
  3. Working with real-world scenarios: Let’s face it – reality is messy. People and systems are complex. We know workshops where participants work on small sheets of paper, have their workspaces nicely set up for them, even share these workspaces with other participants, all within “lab” settings for visual facilitation work. And then they head out to the real situations where they had intended to apply what they learned on their own, and fumble. Which is why in this workshop, we’ll be working like real visual facilitators do in real situations, so you can visual facilitate for real after the workshop.

You can learn more and register here. Super Early Bird rate ends on 26 January 2018 or while seats last!


THE Workshop for Anyone Looking to Make Facilitation (and Visual Facilitation) Serious Business

Visualise Your Business! (8-9 March 2018)

Are you into (or already in) consulting, training, facilitation, graphic recording, or visual facilitation?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get a serious business going in these fields, and get what you do taken seriously?

Chances are, you would have asked yourself these questions, or encountered them from clients (internal or external) that you’ve worked with:

  • What can I do to get serious business done?
  • What can I do to make my work serious business, and get myself business?
  • What can I do to get my work valued seriously by the people I work with?
  • What is the value I create?
  • Who am I? Why does it matter in what I do?
  • What’s needed to make my practice serious business? (READ: sustainable and profitable)

For the first time, experienced visual facilitators Brenda Tan and Kailin Huang (that’s our founder) are drawing together their insights from years of running their respective visual practices regionally, to help YOU visualise your professional practice roadmap in a personal way.

In this workshop experience,

  • We will share our mistakes so you don’t have to repeat them.
  • We will share what’s worked for us so you get ideas and inspiration.
  • But more important, we will help you understand who you are, and how you think and work uniquely. The aim? You will develop your business blueprint that you can work, and which can work for you.

For everyone who has started on your path, this may be the step that will steer you onto the sustainable journey of a thousand miles.

Sign-up BONUS! All participants will receive an Emergenetics profile and analysis that will help you understand how you think and work.

You can learn more and register here. Super Early Bird rate for first 12 pax only!