Visual Facilitation

Say what?

We use visuals and tools to empower a group’s process in order to shift it to a desired shared outcome. If graphic recording is “drawing out”, visual facilitation is “drawing together” of people, their plans, and the big picture! As the visual facilitator, we either play the role of lead facilitator at a meeting, or work closely with one within your team.


Get everyone on board on the plan and action!

Best for:

  • Strategy & Planning Sessions
  • Business Discussions
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Dialogue Sessions
  • Any meeting where there is a participative discussion that you need to make sense of, get buy-in for, and act on

How past clients use our visuals:

  • Visual reminder on office walls
  • Use it to review understanding
  • Re-affirm buy-in and commitment
  • Review progress at next meeting

How we work with you

Yep, we don’t just draw.
We draw out your ideas, and draw together your people and plans.