So You Think You Can’t Draw?

Here’s a unique workshop to prove you can!

About the workshop

Learn how to facilitate your meetings with the use of visuals, making them more interesting, intentional, purposeful, and on-target!

Here, we help participants overcome the barrier of not knowing how to communicate visually. We impart the basics of drawing out ideas with simple, uncomplicated techniques. We also show you how to achieve strategic outcomes for your meetings by drawing your people and your plans together.

The workshop runs over 2 days.

Who is this for?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an artist, designer, or arts degree holder, to participate in this workshop.

This is open to facilitators, trainers, coaches, consultants, teachers, and just about anyone who desires to see better outcomes from their discussions, meetings, dialogues, and just about any thought process.

Here you will learn…

What will you achieve?

Expect to break out of old mindsets that hold you back from drawing or doodling.

You’ll get to learn…

  • Quick and practical hacks to improve your note-taking and recording process.
  • How to capture verbally shared ideas visually for groups’ review, engagement and action (plus boost your ability to listen and organise ideas on the fly!)
  • How to use visuals to facilitate groups and their conversations, sense-make, and move them towards group outcomes

Also, experience the generative power of visuals along the way!

But wait, there’s more…

  • You’ll take home an exclusive Playpack (worth $69) comprising your personal Playbook and Picture People Plan Starter Toolkit.
  • Sumptuous Lunch and two Tea Breaks a day provided during the workshop (worth $150)
  • Complimentary one-to-one email and online consultation and support group post-workshop (worth $300 per hour)

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What people say

“Kailin’s Let’s Draw, Draw out and Draw Together workshop is fascinating & delightful. Not only she breaks through what thinking visually involves, she brings everyone on a journey on the art of visual facilitation – being attentive, listening deeply, feeling out what’s in the moment and capturing the conversation…and the best thing everyone leaves her workshop with their own amazing drawings! Magic.

— Seri Tasripin, Director | Facilitator | Co-active Coach at Affinity Group Pte Ltd