So You Think You Can’t Draw

A Workshop to Prove you CAN Facilitate with Visuals

The way we learn is 83% visual, and articles with images attract 94% more eyeballs.

Yet for many of us, the thought of facilitating with visuals (hand-drawn or not) frightens us more than public speaking, and we’d rather drown in the sea of ideas.

So You Think You CAN’T Draw, but don’t want to miss out on the benefits of capturing verbally shared ideas in visuals to facilitate your group’s strategic outcomes? Then join us at this workshop where you will learn the basics of drawing out ideas, and drawing together people and plans.

So You Think You CAN’T Draw is a unique workshop to prove facilitators, trainers, coaches, consultants, teachers and anyone (that includes YOU!) that you can facilitate with visuals to make meetings not just more interesting, but intentional, purposeful, and on-target!

What Will I Achieve?

Want to Get Work Done Doodling through quick, practical hacks?

Want to develop as a Graphic Recorder who captures verbally shared ideas visually for groups’ review, engagement and action (plus boost your ability to listen and organise ideas on the fly!)?

Want to develop as a Graphic Facilitator who uses visuals to facilitate groups and their conversations, sense-make, and move them towards group outcomes (experience the generative power of visuals along the way!)?

What Other Goodies Do I Get? (Entice me)

  •  You’ll take home an exclusive Playpack (worth $69) comprising your personal Playbook and Picture People Plan Starter Toolkit.
  • Sumptuous Lunch and two Tea Breaks a day provided during the workshop (worth $150)
  • Complimentary one-to-one email and online consultation and support group post-workshop (worth $300 per hour)

What You’ll Learn


  • Visual Tools: What to draw with
  • Visual Vocabulary 101: What to draw
  • Visual Spelling: How to draw

DRAW OUT™ (Graphic Recording)

  • Visual Perception: What do I see?
  • Visual Grammar 101: How do we see and help others see what we mean?

DRAW TOGETHER™ (Graphic Facilitation)

  • Visual Semantics – The 3Cs™ you must have in every chart
  • Designing your visual practice approach with the PPP Matrix™
  • SCOPE™-ing your session effectively


My organisation prefers to be billed directly. How do I sign up?

Email us at with your Name and Email Address, and we’ll process an e-invoice for you and issue you the ticket(s) directly.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

The workshop is designed for adult learners young at heart. We think that pretty much describes you if you are reading this! 😉

What's the refund policy?

Our minions will be hard at work creating your experience once you purchase your ticket, so we won’t be able to provide refunds. However, you’re most welcome to send a friend to participate in your stead! (But why would you?)

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

We’re pretty yellow but can be green. So the answer is, no. 🙂
You’ll just need to be able to prove your identity should your doppleganger show up!

Can I update my registration information?

Of course! Just contact us at with the Workshop date/s you signed up for, and the changes required.

Is my ticket transferrable?

If you sadly can’t join us, you’re most welcome to send a friend to participate in your stead. Just email us at to let us know who will be taking your ticket. 🙂

“I heard that you were a great facilitator.   ;-)” said our participants’ boss. #truestory

Chat with us!

Or email us at! We will respond within one working day 🙂